Sex Fantasy Peter Le PeterFever

Sex Fantasies are great because they are far from reality and out of reach – that’s what makes us desire them so much. Someday I hope to fulfill my ultimate sex fantasy, but at the same time once it is fulfilled then what do I fantasize about? As my fans know, I love having sex. But what you probably don’t think about is the fact that I also need intimacy. I need someone who I can trust with my deepest thoughts and greatest desires.

Most of the time, my sex fantasies involve total strangers I see passing me by on the street or on TV / internet. I like the excitement of having sex with someone for the first time because of the uncertainty of what the other person likes and wants to do next. When I’m choosing who to have sex with I pick the hottest person, I always go for the best. I can’t lie, if I’m not attracted to the person physically, there won’t be any action going on later.

In my sex fantasy, I would have a smoking hot chick grab this other hot guy and me by our neck ties and drag us up into a beautiful hotel suite. In the room, there is a king size bed. There are candles all around the room and the song Sex Therapy fills the room. The mood can’t be more perfect. She throws us on the bed, the lights dim and all we feel is touching and kissing as we stay up the whole night – filled with mind-blowing sex. 8)