That’s right; the highest bid for one night with PeterFever is $35,000 so far. I looked at the comments and found it interesting how many people said they wouldn’t pay anything because it didn’t involve love or mutual respect or “A person of maturity and class doesn’t charge for sex…” Really because I think a lot of people get married for money and they are bound to people they don’t love or might even hate and end up living miserable lives. If a person is paying for sex, you know exactly what you are going to get and there are no strings attached. Better yet, you get a professional that knows what he is doing and you will experience things you never believed were possible.

Many people are romantics and there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever. But you also need to realize that some people are hopeless romantics, always thinking they will meet Mr Perfect and they never do because no person is perfect. Another thing I’ve heard a million times, my significant other refuses to do this or that and thinks I’m gross or sick or kinky. Guess what, we all think of kinky shit we want to do; but a professional doesn’t judge.

Judging, that is what many people were quick to do because of my blog article yesterday. They decided to judge me as a person for asking a simple question. Just because I pose a question, doesn’t mean I agree or disagree with what I’m asking. I like having an open discussion with everyone. But it seems when people start posting comments in one direction, then people who feel differently just start emailing me with their responses instead. Listen everyone, this is an OPEN FORUM, feel free to comment.

You know, society goes through cycles, from liberal to moderate to conservative and then back the other way. It is like a pendulum on a clock, it swings back and forth throughout history. If you read my blog try to keep two things in mind, don’t be so quick to judge me or others and try not taking everything so seriously. Most of the time, I’m trying to figure out things for myself and I like hearing your feedback. So have fun, enjoy my blog, and comment all you want. And if you need a little escape, I recommend that you…

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PeterFever's Great Fucking Ass

PeterFever's Great Fucking Ass