After posting the other day about going shopping and finding the perfect pair of jeans, I thought it would be fun to continue by letting you guys know what else is in my closet. These are my must have items in my closet.

One of the things I always have to have in my closet is a button up shirt. A button up shirt is versatile. You can wear it with a nice pair of jeans to make it look casual or put on a vest and a tie and go for a business meeting. 

Buttons Up Are Versatile.

Buttons Up Are Versatile.

The second must have item in my closet is a white tee shirt. Sometimes when you wake up and you’re late to work you don’t have time to pick out the right outfit, wearing a nice fit white tee and jeans combo makes you look good without even trying. 

The third item a belt. Having a belt not only helps keep your pants up but it makes a statement. Depending on the symbol on the buckle it can help bring a little uniqueness to your look. 

The fourth must have item is a necklace. When you wear blank tees you can add accessories to liven up your look. I like to wear my cross key chain with a dog tag.

Can't Go Wrong with A White Tee, Belt, or Necklace.

Can’t Go Wrong with A White Tee, Belt, or Necklace.

The fifth item is going to sound cheesy. But it’s confidence. Whatever clothes you buy, with whatever price tag. Own it. Make it your own. There’s nothing sexier than confidence and a smile. No reason to dress like someone else to impress.