I know, Halloween is still a month away, but now is the time to get your costume before you end up with the crappy left over stuff or a size that doesn’t fit. When I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I could never wear outfits that showed too much skin because I would freeze to death. Instead I would wear costumes that would cover my arms and legs to keep me warm.

Picking up Borderlands 2 from Gamestop

Picking up Borderlands 2 from Gamestop

This year, I’m going to celebrate Halloween in Vegas and I found a costume that works well in the warm night air. For all of you gamers out there, I’m going to be a psycho from Borderlands. I pre-ordered Borderlands 2 and I was at the midnight launch at GameStop surrounded by out of shape gamers. The managers at the store were impressed to see a bodybuilder playing games, so they suggested that I be the psycho from the game for Halloween. They also gave me a bunch of promo items so I can make sure all of the details are a part of my costume.

I'm Going to be the Best Psycho Ever

I’m Going to be the Best Psycho Ever

This will be a badass Halloween!