Growing up I never had an Asian American role model to look up to, even when I asked people if they could name 5 Asian male celebrities it was difficult besides naming Jet Li and Jackie Chan. When I first started PeterFever, I wanted to create a site to help Asian men into the media spotlight and break stereotypes. It’s pretty incredible to see how far Asian celebrities have come. There are a few famous Asian women in the industry, like Kelly Hu, Jamie Chung, and Lucy Liu, but it’s nice to start seeing Asian men get a start in entertainment.

Psy isn’t a stranger to international success, with his hit “Gangnam Style”. Now he’s back with his new single “Gentleman.” It’s just as catchy as “Gangnam Style” and the video is hilarious. Hopefully he’ll continue to break records and show the world how cool Asians can be. What do you guys think about the video?

My assistant Alex is also told me he was in a music video for Leslie Deep’s “Sweet Sauce.” Leslie is an up and coming artist from San Francisco trying to break his own ground in the music industry. It’s good to see other Asians having dreams of being in the American entertainment business. 

Another Asian superstar who’s going to be breaking America soon is Godfrey Gao. For those of who are not familiar with Godfrey, he’s a Taiwanese model who landed a deal as the first Asian face of Louis Vuitton. Now he’ll be appearing in the new American franchise adaptation of the book , The Mortal Instruments, as Magnus Bane. What’s even better, his character in the film flaunts his gay sexuality, that will be interesting to see on the big screen.

I can’t wait to see what is going to happen for Asian American men in entertainment in the next few years! It’s only the beginning. I hope more Asian American’s start to realize they can be in the business as well and pursue their dreams and break these stereotypes that hold our community back.