We live in an age of electronic transaction, so what is the point of having cash in hand nowadays. I remember watching Family Feud and the game question was, how much money do Americans have in their wallet? The number one answer was a $20 bill. I truly agree.
Now, I know why because I have a $100 bill in my wallet for over 3 weeks waiting to be broken. I try to use cash instead of my cards on small purchase items under $10 and especially from small business owners because I know credit cards charge the store a certain percentage to the store. So, I try not to be a dick by using my credit card to buy $1 bottle of water.
In the past few weeks, there wasn’t a single place that could break my $100 bill, here are the stores where my money was no good: Protein Bar, Metro Self Storage, Dry Cleaning, Pet Shop, and can you believe a taxi driver that carry cash all the time couldn’t break my $100 bill.
I’m telling you my money is no good. In America, my experience is that credit cards are today’s standard.

My Money's No Good

My Money’s No Good