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Hot, Sexy Anime from NETFLIX Makes Devilman: Crybaby a Must-see

NETFLIX added an action-packed, violent and NSFW sexy animated series to its roster this year, and it’s a don’t-miss event for fans and newbies to the genre. DEVILMAN: CRYBABY is the story of a shy sensitive teenager who finds himself merging with a demon to become a flawed superhero, half of him a muscular, merciless devil and half the emotional highschooler he’s always been. Devilman Crybaby, which is directed by Masaaki Yuasa, is a Netflix original adaptation of the 1970s manga Devilman. An apocalyptic story about a battle between demons and humans is upended when Ryo decides to fight the murderous monsters by merging his best friend Akira with a demon to fight them with their own powers. Episodes are dripping with sex, nudity and bloody violence, but the winning camaraderie of the two buddies keeps the series compelling and addictive.

There are orgies, raves, and muscular teenagers with raging hardons they can’t control. What’s not to like? Check out DEVILMAN: CRYBABY on Netflix.


Written by PeterFever

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