Sometimes a spicy, savory mix makes everything taste and look better. That certainly seems the case with Brazilian and Japanese model Hideo Muraoka, who started his career in Singapore but is now a local superstar in the Philippines.

Discovered in his native Brazil, he flew to Singapore with $200 in his pocket and immediately became a top face in the Asian modeling world.

At the height of his career Hideo moved to the Philippines and settled down, becoming a sensation and reality tv celebrity on their Celebrity Big Brother.

His work for Nivea, Canon and LG is making Hideo famous around the world.  He’s not one race or ethnic group but a pan-sexy  superstar with a beautiful Asian face.  And he’s our pick for face and body of the week from the world of international modeling. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out our favorite PeterFever Gaysian erotic superstars on