Latest SEXXY Story is “Once Upon a Sling” from SEXY RICH GAYSIANS

Every romantic comedy needs a harebrained scheme or two, doesn’t it? Well, the resident busybody in SEXY RICH GAYSIANS, Justyn’s best friend Darryl, thinks that dressing Justyn up as a hot slutty leather boy and putting on a super SEXXXY show with him in the slings at the bathhouse will be just the thing to heat up Justyn’s relationship with David and push it all to the next level. Will it work?

Meanwhile, David received a cryptic message to meet a mystery man at the baths, and checks in at the front counter. When the desk clerk mutters under his breath about “too many Asians” at the spa that night, David promptly gets on the phone with his accountant, buys the bathhouse and puts the racist idiot to work cleaning up cumstains. He enters in search of his mystery man.

What do you think happens when David comes upon Darryl and Justyn fucking in the sling? Could there be another twist, or a happy ending in store? Keep watching and head over to for the full story in all its hilarity and hotness… Here’s the short digest version of this week’s hijinks!

Written by PeterFever

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