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Xu Jingsen is First Out Gay Athlete in China

It’s a first for China! The vast and mega-populated nation doesn’t have any legal restrictions against being gay but has a strong societal undercurrent of homophobia, and coming out as a public figure is a big deal.  So when surfer Xu Jingsen came out of the closet via a public statement, world media noticed, including … Continue Reading

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In Hot New XXX Episode 4, Levy Foxx Gets His Ass Crammed Full of King T’Balla

Today, the fourth scorching episode of THE BLACK PANDA porn parody hits the pages of PeterFever.com with a mighty splash, aided by the valiant man-to-man friction between Levy Foxx and Osiris Blade. Levy makes it clear that if T’Balla wants the Peckeranium, he needs to fuck it out of him. To show that he means … Continue Reading

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Sexy Solo Moments with Peter Le

From time to time, we’re fortunate to spend some private moments with Peter, the founder and “dad” of our PeterFever gang. Check out his chiseled face and rock hard muscles. As he strips down, peeling off his slightly sweat-scented shirt and filmy undershorts, our eyes are riveted to his impressive tool of man meat. As … Continue Reading

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Smoking Hot Sexy Boys of Kpop

Australian TV network SBS is definitely clued in to what’s hot in the Pacific and Asian world, and they have put together a mouthwatering list of the hottest guys in the redhot Kpop boyband music scene. Here are just a few of the highlights.  If you are only vaguely aware of Kpop, this will make … Continue Reading

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Hot, Sexy Anime from NETFLIX Makes Devilman: Crybaby a Must-see

NETFLIX added an action-packed, violent and NSFW sexy animated series to its roster this year, and it’s a don’t-miss event for fans and newbies to the genre. DEVILMAN: CRYBABY is the story of a shy sensitive teenager who finds himself merging with a demon to become a flawed superhero, half of him a muscular, merciless … Continue Reading

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Alex Chu’s Erotic Sessions: Meet Dylan Art

Dylan Art is Alex Chu’s latest conquest. The two met at the gym but haven’t been able to hook up just yet. In Part 2 of our sizzling new series, ALEX CHU’S EROTIC SESSIONS, we meet Alex’s buddy and playmate Dylan Art, home fantasizing about his upcoming hookup with our sexy hero Alex. After he … Continue Reading

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The Deuce Episode 7

Hold on to your hats and grab your cocks because episode 7 is here! This one has a comedic cameo from producer Danny Z as The John that you won’t want to miss. When The John stiffs Alex Chu out of $30 for a quickie bj, Alex is forced to confront China Gold (Jessie Lee) … Continue Reading

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