Dylan Art Gets More than a XXX Workout from Alex Chu

Alex Chu is working out in his private gym when Dylan Art Nguyen shoots him a text. Dylan needs a training session and Alex is more than happy to help. Dylan comes over and sits down on the bench as Alex helps him out with his pec exercises. Alex wants to make sure that Dylan … Continue Reading

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Xu Jingsen is First Out Gay Athlete in China

It’s a first for China! The vast and mega-populated nation doesn’t have any legal restrictions against being gay but has a strong societal undercurrent of homophobia, and coming out as a public figure is a big deal.  So when surfer Xu Jingsen came out of the closet via a public statement, world media noticed, including … Continue Reading

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Asian Dick-throb of the Month: Kylie J’s Insanely Sexy Bodyguard Tim Chung!

Remember when the world decided that UK Prince Harry was probably the son of Diana’s ginger-haired lover James Hewitt?  Now history is kind of repeating itself, as paparazzi princess Kylie Jenner’s new baby Stormi is raising chatter that she looks a lot like Kylie’s wildly gorgeous bodyguard Tim Chung.  We don’t really care that much … Continue Reading

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Peter Shows It All on The Loveseat

In a great photoshoot from 2015, Peter Le shows off his great physique plus a few tasty parts most people aren’t lucky enough to get a peek at. Check out his antics on THE LOVESEAT: A fine body and a great show for all Peter’s many fans.  Along with all the latest PeterFever pics and … Continue Reading

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Peter Fever Superstar Alex Chu Lets Us Watch His Erotic Workout

Peter Fever fans are clamoring for more of sexy superstar Alex Chu, and we have a lot more coming your way.  Fresh and hot from the studio is this video and photo set, brand new at Our dream man Alex works out, showers, then applies that same careful attention to his thick hard lovemuscle. … Continue Reading

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The Peter Fever Party!

We’re excited for our Peter Fever Party this Sunday night, January 7th, at Jackhammer Complex in Chicago. Pop on in at 11:00 PM for $3 Peter Fever shots, sexy contests, and giveaways you’ll want skip work for on Monday. Say hi to the award nominated Peter Fever exclusive, Alex Chu, current star of “The Deuce: … Continue Reading

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Happy New Year From Peter Fever!

Happy New Year from Peter Fever! This year we have lots of new things planned for you that we think you’ll love. Later in the year, we’re looking to do a sequel to ‘The Deuce: A Gay Parody’. Perhaps sooner than later, we want to do a whole series dedicated to the sport of weight … Continue Reading

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Boy Band Member Bullied for Support of LBGTQ Community Commits Suicide

According to the Mirror in the UK, Jonghyun, the lead singer from the Korean boy band SHINee, was found dead in an apparent suicide after being bullied online for speaking up in support of LBGTQ rights. The attacks seemingly came from the extreme right and were very personal in nature. He was 27 years old. … Continue Reading

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What is the Sexiest Body Part?

Everyone has their own fetishes and the things that make them tick. We want to hear from you. What really turns you on? Is there a certain body part that makes you hard as a rock the second you see it? Is there something on the male form that will make you pop you load … Continue Reading

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Folsom Street Fair

Today was the annual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. It’s a fair that celebrates and educates the public on BDSM culture and explores different fetishes like bondage and leather. I didn’t have a chance to make it out there but my assistant Alex was there. The weather was really hot in San Francisco and people … Continue Reading

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The Asian Men at the Rio 2016 Olympics

The Olympics are well underway and if you’ve been watching you might have seen some really hot athletes. There are some notable Asian studs competing. Who’s competing for your eyes and your heart? Here are some of the good looking gents from all around the world competing in Rio this year. Photos are from their … Continue Reading

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