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USA Power Lifting Juggernaut Results

Last weekend was the power lifting competition in Laguna Niguel. Thank you to everyone who cheered me on. I was able to squat 440lbs, bench press 379.5lbs, and dead lift 594 lbs. I missed my bench press when I overshot it with 401lbs but I still placed second at this event and I set my … Continue Reading

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Upcoming Powerlifting Competition

I’m getting ready for this Sunday’s powerlifting competition in Laguna Niguel to beat my personal record. It’s been 3 months since my last competition and I have been training hard ever since. Powerlifting consist of three simple but hard lifts: the squat, bench press and dead lift. I shine the most with bench press my … Continue Reading

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Epsom Bath Salt

I’ve been lifting some heavy weight and my body takes a toll every time, until I recent discovered Epsom salt baths. The first time I heard of the salt bath, I thought it was a silly concept. It wasn’t until I received Epsom salt for Christmas that I gave it a shot. After my intense … Continue Reading

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Great Gym Culture

Online Fitness Coach

I’ve been really successful at training my clients to build strength and lose stubborn body fat. I train in Pasadena and I have clients traveling as far as 15 – 20 miles away just to train with me because of the results I give. I have so many people wanting to train with me but … Continue Reading

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Spartan Race

I signed up for the Spartan Race next weekend and this will be my first race. I have no plans on winning the event, but I wanted to do this for the experience and to do something fun with my friends. It’s a race with obstacles, where I will be climbing walls, crawling through mud, … Continue Reading

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Post-Thanksgiving Fitness Goals

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is around the corner. I hear a lot of people setting their fitness goals after the holidays. It’s great, but there’s no perfect time to start on your fitness goals. Why wait for over a month to start something you have putting off for months, when you can … Continue Reading

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USA Powerlifting

I finished in first place for my last competition of 2016. This was the Southwest Regional held in Palm Desert and it was a tough meet. Every competitor in my weight class lifted up some heavy weights. I was able to hit some new personal records for my squat and dead lit, but it was … Continue Reading

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