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Be Fun, Be Sexy, Be Safe
Back at the end of October, I had the pleasure of working with photographer Don Pollard for a campaign that was going to be featured in Element Magazine. The campaign seeks to create global awareness to regular HIV testing and safe sex practices.  I am proud and thankful to be a part of this important … Continue Reading

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Sex Toys as Gifts?

I have a funny story I want to tell you. It was my buddy Alex’s birthday recently and I wanted to get him a funny gift so I bought him a sex toy as a joke. I got him a Fleshjack, wrapped it up in gift wrap, and had it shipped to his house just in … Continue Reading

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GRUNT TALK & The Men of GRUNT Video

I showed you  a behind the scenes look at a video we were shooting for the GRUNT App a while back and today it was released. What is GRUNT? It’s a new app where you can find an unlimited amount of guys, send messages and photos, and meet up. Hear them talk in a voice … Continue Reading

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Man Sues Apple for his Porn Addiction

I’m serious, this is a real. Please, try not to overreact. I already know what you are thinking, this Tennessee douchebag is stupid.  Apparently, the man found a porn site through Apple’s Safari web browser, which caused him “explicit sexual content which has led to the proliferation of arousal addiction”, which cause his failed marriage … Continue Reading

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Huge Dick + Tight Ass = Big Problems

I have a sexual question that I can’t figure out with my own experience: how do you take a huge dick without it being painful? I’ve never bottomed before but I have a friend who’s new to anal sex and I’m not sure what to tell him. I asked huge dick guys and they never pay … Continue Reading

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Hard or Sensual?

After filming all of these guys for three days and 9 episodes for Season 2 of The Asiancy, you would think that the hardcore fucking and sucking is what turns these guys on the most. But after talking to all of them, it was the sensual kissing that really turned them on. That’s why I … Continue Reading

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Enhance Your Sex Life Exercises

If you want to enhance your sex life, then you need to work on your core strength, which is what I show you in this week’s video.

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Safe Sex with Peter

My clients and I have a close relationship because after knowing them for years, I see them more as a close friend than a business client. Every Monday during our training sessions, we share stories about our weekends and I always top it with my weekend sex stories. Well, one of my clients thought I … Continue Reading

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Are You Sexy Enough?

Are You Sexy Enough?

Last month, one of our models, Jethro, approached me to help endorse a non-profit organization in the Philippines called Take the Test. I gladly accepted knowing that the organization promotes HIV screening and counseling.  It’s important to get regularly tested and to take correct measures to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. 

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Sex Marathon with Timoteo

Once again Timoteo has come out with the hottest workout legging shorts in the world (click here Timoteo to buy these) . My partner wanted me to show you how I keep in shape for our sex endurance marathons, by doing some core exercises. Of course I start with the Timoteo shorts on, but not … Continue Reading

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What Turns Me On Sexually

It must start with the right mood. I don’t ask for much, but I definitely know what gets me horny; it’s the little things that count. All of my senses need to be aroused. Here is what you need to know before me meet: Sight: Make sure the room is dimly lit with only a … Continue Reading

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