Xu Jingsen is First Out Gay Athlete in China

It’s a first for China! The vast and mega-populated nation doesn’t have any legal restrictions against being gay but has a strong societal undercurrent of homophobia, and coming out as a public figure is a big deal.  So when surfer Xu Jingsen came out of the closet via a public statement, world media noticed, including … Continue Reading

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Asian Dick-throb of the Month: Kylie J’s Insanely Sexy Bodyguard Tim Chung!

Remember when the world decided that UK Prince Harry was probably the son of Diana’s ginger-haired lover James Hewitt?  Now history is kind of repeating itself, as paparazzi princess Kylie Jenner’s new baby Stormi is raising chatter that she looks a lot like Kylie’s wildly gorgeous bodyguard Tim Chung.  We don’t really care that much … Continue Reading

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Kpop Superstars EXO Steal the Show at Olympics Closing Ceremony
The 2018 Winter Olympics came to a triumphant close this weekend, but not without a few more Korean cultural surprises.  After the figure skating gala treated us to a K-pop themed number, we were driven into superstar ecstasy during the closing ceremony when superstar boyband EXO, clad in stylish Gucci, produced an amazing performance that … Continue Reading

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Congratulations to the 14 Asian-Americans Competing at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Now that the 2018 Winter Games are finished, let’s take a moment to congratulate the US Olympics team and especially the 14 Asian-Americans who represented us so well in Korea. Here is a shot of those 14 hardy athletes, who we hope will be back, bigger and better next go-round!

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Chen and Zhou make Olympic History

The Asian-American stars of the US Olympic team keep grabbing headlines! In Friday’s Winter Olympic men’s figure skating action, American Vincent Zhou landed a quadruple lutz in the short program, the first skater to do that in Olympic history. US news media hailed him as the star to watch for the next Olympics in 2022, … Continue Reading

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Japan’s Hanyu Shines in Olympic Short Program While US Favorite Chen Falls Badly

23-year-old reigning men’s Olympic champion figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu scored 111.68 points in the short program of the men’s single skating on Friday, an Olympic record. Coming back from an ankle injury that held him back since November, he shone on the ice in an almost-perfect program that led fans to shower the ice with … Continue Reading

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Diverse US Winter Olympic Team Includes Record Number of Asian Americans

When a FOX NEWS editorial described the US Winter Olympic team as “Darker… gayer… different” they were decrying the diversity of the 2018 team.  But in reality, the US Team is finding strength through its diversity, which includes a record number of black and Asian American athletes.  The difference is most apparent in the field … Continue Reading

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USA Powerlifting

I finished in first place for my last competition of 2016. This was the Southwest Regional held in Palm Desert and it was a tough meet. Every competitor in my weight class lifted up some heavy weights. I was able to hit some new personal records for my squat and dead lit, but it was … Continue Reading

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Powerlifting Right to Bear Iron

Last weekend I competed in powerlifting, I won 1st place and won Best Male Lifter. Many people at the gym I told about my 1st place, asked if I won any money. I would smile and say no. Competing in powerlifting is about competing against yourself. It’s one of the reasons why I love wrestling and … Continue Reading

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Is Your Watch Smart Enough?

I’m into technology and fitness, that is why you never see me without my Fitbit Surge watch. This watch has the basic functions like telling time and date, but what I love about this to much is how it tracks my health. When I was debating to buy the Fitbit surge vs the Apple Watch, … Continue Reading

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Novella Series S4E3 “Tennis Match – Double’s Couple”

It was an intense match Tyson and I played against Leo and Dominic. We scored the final point and the game was over. While the other two losers were blaming each other for their loss, I stole Tyson and took him into the house to celebrate. Tyson thought I was going to pull out a … Continue Reading

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