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Kpop Superstars EXO Steal the Show at Olympics Closing Ceremony
The 2018 Winter Olympics came to a triumphant close this weekend, but not without a few more Korean cultural surprises.  After the figure skating gala treated us to a K-pop themed number, we were driven into superstar ecstasy during the closing ceremony when superstar boyband EXO, clad in stylish Gucci, produced an amazing performance that … Continue Reading

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Join Our League of Legends Meetup!
When I mention to people that I’m a gamer, no one really believes how much of a gamer nerd I am. Beside producing porn and traveling, I like to sit back and play League of Legends (LoL). I got a little lonely playing by myself, so I started a meetup. It’s a place for other … Continue Reading

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EDM Minute – Top Paid DJs
I am back with my buddy Tony for another episode of EDM Minute. If you’re not familiar with it, EDM Minute is a fun weekly video project were doing that gets viewers involved with the Electronic Dance Music scene. This week we talk about the Top Paid DJ’s and preview a new release from Skrillix … Continue Reading

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EDM Minute
I’ve been keeping busy by doing a side project with my buddy Tony.  It’s a fun weekly video that Tony is putting out there to keep people updated on the Electronic Dance Music industry. I did the videography and edits to the piece. Tony’s a natural in front of the camera and I’m enjoying trying out something … Continue Reading

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Waves of Dolphins

Waves of Dolphins

During my vacation, my business partner, Kerry, and I took a boat out to sail and we got to see something fucking amazing. We crossed paths with, what our captain said, was about 100 dolphins. We got to see them up-close when they swam alongside our boat. You have to see it for yourself, watch … Continue Reading

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I’m on a Boat!

It’s our first day on vacation and it’s really nice out here in the Channel Islands. We just checked into our boat, where we’ll be staying for the week. I just wanted to give my fans a quick inside look.  I can’t wait to learn how to start sailing, check back for more updates on … Continue Reading

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Working Out is Wrist-y Business

I like to give my fans a lot of work out tips but today I’m doing something different. The most important part of working out is doing it safely and effectively. I’m giving tips on how to work out even though you’re wrist starts hurting.  Check out the video below and remember to comment on … Continue Reading

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