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  • lapdance
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    Give Me a Lap Dance

      I went on LiveCams recently before my trip to China and I found a00AsianDancer online and figured he could teach me some moves before my big performance. He started showing me some sensual moves I could use and I […] More

  • JayAsianMuscle
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    Whips and Leather

    I’ve been so stressed lately got some big upcoming projects and just needed a night to relax. I love going on LiveCams, the guys always know how to show me a good time. JayAsianMuscle was perfect for tonight! This guy […] More

  • codafilthy
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    Get Filthy with codaFILTHY

    Have you met codaFILTHY? This guy loves to get naked and now he’s ready to put on a show for you on LiveCams. He will get down and dirty to please your sexual fantasies. This guy loves to jerk off […] More

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    2 is Better than 1

    I thought one Asian on LiveCams was fun, well I wasn’t ready for double the trouble when I met¬†phTOPnBOTTOM. These boys loved to flirt with each other and were feeling up on each other’s body. When they asked me to […] More

  • I-Need-a-Man
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    Sexy Man Love

    Man these Asian guys on LiveCams are getting sexier and sexier. Sexymanlove is a new Livecams model but he’s certainly no rookie. I swear he was a pro, showing off his amazing body with a sensual striptease. He even smoothed […] More

  • GreatTasteBoy
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    Great Taste Boy

    We all fall under temptation every once in a while under inappropriate circumstances. My family was visiting for the labor day weekend and one of my cousins introduced me to her boyfriend. He was a gorgeous Asian man. He was […] More

  • yummychini2
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    A Yummy Asian

    I’m starting to see more and more Asians each time I log into LiveCams and I am loving it! Tonight I had a fun experience with YummyChuni2. ¬†This guys natural performer, he’s definitely online to please but he loves to […] More

  • JosephTheBlessedlivecams
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    LiveCams Spotlight:JosephTheBlessed

    Have you seen JosephTheBlessed on LiveCams? If you haven’t, then you’re missing out on one hot guy. He certainly is blessed and I can always appreciate a fellow bodybuilders banging body. Want to know what’s even better? He’s into massages. […] More

  • OnlineMischief
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    Late Night LiveCams

    I was so horny last night. I was working all night on editing the rest of The Asiancy that I just wanted a quickie so I went on LiveCams to check out some guys. Two guys who really caught my […] More