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  • social-interactions

    Social Interaction

    I started watching this documentary series called Cat Fish, it’s about people being schemed into having a fake online relationship. Some of these relationships last for years without any face to face interaction, which raises a red flag for me. […] More

  • No-Such-Thing-as-Reality-TV_header

    No Such Thing as Reality TV

    I hardly watch TV, but when I do, I like to watch reality shows such as Storage Wars, Hardcore Pawn, and Cheaters. I used to enjoy the shock factor when something unbelievable gets caught on camera until I discovered that […] More

  • Tv's-in-Gym-Good-or-Bad

    TV’s in Gyms: Good or Bad?

    I used to like having different TV stations playing in multiple TV sets because it was great entertainment and distraction during my rest period. I would see what’s on TV for a bit and get back to heavy lifting. Ever […] More