#Casting | LGBT Casting Calls: October 2013

By Jaye Johnson

#Casting | LGBT Casting Calls: October 2013

Actress? Actor? Model? Musician? All of the above? Then an LGBTQ-specific casting call just might be a thing of beauty to you. Surely we don’t have to tell you (’cause your mama done told you already): keep your wits about you, read every contract you’re presented with, and try to make project-related decisions that will help you better your career and that you know you’ll love.

Many of these listings originate from LGBT-friendly companies. Open calls do expire. However, the information below is relevant or current as of this writing. If you’re interested, be sure to get in touch with these folks asap.

LGBT Casting Calls for October 2013

Though we do our best to verify this information, we cannot endorse or guarantee the validity of these casting calls.

Jo Buckingham, Casting Director

Are you trans? Do you act? A respected casting agency, working with the BBC, would like to hear from you. Email via @ParisLees, Paris Lees

LOGO TV Casting / MTV Networks / World of Wonder


Seeking Trans* Women

Speculation abounds, however they are indeed casting.

The casting company behind hit television series such as “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” “The A-List,” and “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys” is seeking transgender women to participate in a new reality series, tentatively titled “TransAmerica.”

For more information and to apply, visit the casting website at:

Single Parents Wanted

Have you (as a single parent or with your spouse/partner) been talking about starting or expanding your family? Are you ready to embark on the journey of parenthood? Have you decided that open adoption is the right choice for you? LOGO is sharing the stories of couples and single prospective parents as well as expectant mothers who are currently going through the adoption process. The series will focus on the challenges, decisions, joy and love that comes with the journey of becoming parents. If you are currently going through this journey please send us a photo of you (and your spouse/partner if you have one) and a brief paragraph to that tells us about yourselves, your relationship and why you have chosen open adoption as your method of having a child.

And don’t forget your contact information (full name and phone number) so we can get in touch!

We look forward to speaking with you!

Original Plumbing

Trans* Men

Original Plumbing / OP Celebrates the diversity of trans* men. From film and theater to fashion and beyond, OP profiles new models and featured men on an ongoing basis via exclusive video content, photos, essays and more. Visit the website to inquire about features and cover shoots.

Beau Bonneau Casting – SF Bay Area local Extras for new HBO Series “Looking” (formerly Untitled Michael Lannan Project) Ongoing, Shooting in SF
Background Actor Needs Will Be Updated Weekly, Check Back Often!

Beau Bonneau Casting is casting SF Bay Area local extras 18 years & over for “Looking”, an HBO dramedy revolving around the lives of 3 gay friends, shooting weekdays – 11/8 mostly in SF. There is a constant need for men & women 20s-30s to portray Hipsters, LGBT Community, Bar Goers, etc; we are still seeking submissions even if not mentioned below. Friends & Couples encouraged.


* Thurs 10/24 – Japanese Men and Women 18-20s to portray student tourists & 40ish Japanese man to portray tour guide. Will shoot a few hours between late morning and evening, exact start time unknown. Less than 8hr shoot, but minimum pay is the up to 8hr rate, $84.40 or Union scale.

* Bridesmaids 3DAY – Fri 10/ 25, Mon 10/28 & Tues 10/29 – Nice looking, mid 20s- mid 30s, 5 ft 4 to 5 ft 8, true dress Size 4,6,8,10 to fit dresses ordered. NO arm, shoulder or leg tattoos! Featured Extras, will be photo selected by Director. Must attend Fitting Mon 10/21 or Tues 10/22 in SF & be Avail all 3 DAYS for continuity with reliable transportation to Marin, absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.

* Groomsmen 3DAY – Fri 10/ 25, Mon 10/28 & Tues 10/29 – Good looking late 20s-30s, 6 ft 1 and under, Suit Size 38-44R, Waist 32-36 to fit prod. provided tuxedo. Featured Extras, will be photo selected by Director. Must attend Fitting 10/21-10/23, date TBD & be Avail all 3 DAYS for continuity with reliable transportation to Marin, absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.

* Family 3DAY – Fri 10/ 25, Mon 10/28 & Tues 10/29 – Caucasian appearing late 50s-mid 60s Parents, Step Parents, Aunts & mid 70s Grandmother to match Groom. Featured Extras, will be photo selected by Director. Must attend Fitting 10/21-10/23, date TBD & be Avail all 3 DAYS for continuity with reliable transportation to Marin, absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.

* Wedding Guests 2DAY – Mon 10/28 & Tues 10/29 – Seeking well-groomed Men & Women with nice dark suits, upscale dresses or pant suits appropriate for a fall season, classy & elegant afternoon Marin wedding, not black tie formal. MUST be Avail all day BOTH Days Mon 10/28 & Tues 10/29 for continuity with your own reliable transportation to Marin, absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.

Hours/Employment/Rates: Marin shoots are expected to last up to 12 hrs, starting as early as 7AM. Exact start unknown till evening before, must be avail all day each day. You must present valid ID for I-9 paperwork on set or you cannot be employed. US Citizens must have U.S. Passport or both a Drivers License with Social Security card or Birth Certificate. Non Citizens must have Permanent Resident/Green Card or Dept. of Homeland Security Work Authorization. SAG-AFTRA members are paid Union scale. Non Union extras will get the SF min wage of $10.55/hr = $84.40 for up to 8hrs, plus overtime after at time and one half and double time if it goes into 12th hour.

To Submit for Extra Work, email the following to ASAP:

* Subject line: Role/Date(s) submitting for, Name, Approx Age, Cell
* If submitting with friend/partner, include their name, contact & photo
* City you live in and Union Status (SAG-AFTRA# or Non Union)
* Height, Weight, Clothing Sizes/Measurements
* If submitting for wedding guest, note wardrobe options/labels & include photos if you like
* Attach 2 new color snapshots, close up (no hats or sunglasses) & standing view
* Weekday Availability 10/22-11/8 as you know it (for future consideration)

Send photo attachments please, we may have to share photos with the Director. BBC staff will contact you if chosen and consider you for dates before 11/8 if not initially contacted.

Beau Bonneau Casting

Short Film – U.K. – Trans* Actress Wanted

Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.

Director: Lily Padma. Transgender Actress required! last Minute stand-in for short film.

Due to illness, we have lost our lead actress, and require an urgent stand in.

The film is a short film depicting a day in the life of a transgender women, shown through her eyes, and narrated by her thoughts.

The Film is being produced by a small team of LGBT individuals, on a near non-existent budget, with only the aim to raise awareness and spread a powerful message.

The part would suite a transgender actress who is just starting out in acting, and seeking to build up a portfolio of work.

We are not asking for any previous experience, just a dedicated trans actress who is passionate about acting and films.

If you are interested, please email us at the provided dress ( ) – and we can have a discuss the film, the script, the filming schedule, and how the whole process will work.

Provisional filming dates were set as the 11th, 12th, and 13th of November – but there is some flexibility possible, to suite the right actress.

Thank you!

Lily Padma,

(Note, it is very important that the actress is transgender, (a trans woman) and we will not be accepting any non-trans actors or actress for this project)

Apply to: Ivy Palmer

LGBT Web Series – U.S.

Director: Charles Plummer II. Are you ready to make television history?

Do you have a unique talent to share with the world? Do you have an outgoing personality? From a unique background? Do you come from a wealthy family? Are you apart of the LGBT community? Do you like to party and have a good time?


An established web series is currently casting! This show has attracted a large fan base and is continuing to gain attention worldwide. Currently the concept of this show is being pitched to MAJOR networks. It could end up on popular networks such as : MTV, VH1 etc. All of this is highly confidential but will be explained further if we like what we see in you!

If your interested in learning more about this project shoot us an email and please include:

-Your full name
-A recent photo
-A link to any previous work
-Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook
-a little bio about yourself
(*The more creative the better)
or a 2-3 min video.

Apply to:

Respected Documentary Series Casting LGBT Athletes

Are you worried that if you came out to your coach and teammates, they wouldn’t respect you? Is your commitment to sports preventing you from having a love life? Are you worried that embracing who you are will keep you from succeeding on the field or court? Maybe you’re open about your sexuality but still feel discriminated on the court. Is being a gay athlete keeping you on the bench? Are you hiding your feelings just to be a “team player?” If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 24 and want to share the hard times and triumphs of being an athlete in the LGBT community, get in touch with us to be considered for a national television documentary produced by Emmy-award winning Gigantic! please include your name, location, phone number and a recent photo of yourself.

Click here to respond:

Additional LGBT Casting Resources


Logo TV

(See above, and bookmark this webpage/subscribe to their mailing list).

TG Forum

When she receives them, Angela at regularly posts casting calls.

American Apparel

Yes, this world-famous fashion brand is marked with controversy. However, they’ve also co-led campaigns with GLAAD and are trans* model friendly (Isis King, recent open call for trans* models). Being open to newbie models, any attention from them would be a great opportunity.

LGBT Casting – Nashville, TN

From the website: LGBT Casting, the first casting service in the Southeast specifically targeting the LGBT community, is owned and operated proudly by Josh Robbins. LGBT Casting is headquartered in Nashville, TN on famed Music Row under the umbrella company, BNA Talent Group.


Search for “LGBT Stock Photographers” and ask about their terms and rates.

Craigslist Gigs, Local Area(s) –

Searching Craigslist for opportunities is like searching for buried treasure: sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you uncover junk. Be safe, and make it an adventure!

Go-Go Girls and Boys: Don’t just shake what ya mama gave ya, start developing a portfolio: print it and publish it online.

Model Mayhem – (Free Membership Site)

Model Mayhem: tons of networking and resources for your portfolio in addition to legitimate modeling or acting opportunities. However, according to many members–sometimes followers, taggers and others troll Model Mayhem, after which time skeevy behavior ensues! It’s a jungle out there, so just keep those claws sharp, kittens.

Contact Plus Size Model Magazines

(Visit your local newsstands, search online)

Women thrive in the field, however more and more agencies are launching men’s rosters. The full figured models industry is a work in progress, and plus size-friendly or exclusive designers are working in a multi-million dollar niche industry. Many models make a comfortable living modeling for plus size lines. Currently, designers and agencies are somewhat more approachable. And once you’re in the loop, you tend to work more. Size requirements are more flexible and include but are not limited to “model thin” body types. Your best in? Contact plus size modeling magazines (go for ones that have been around longer) and ask for referrals. You’ll cut through a lot of the malarkey that way.

Approach Indie Directors and Film Crews

Visit and, when filmmakers are at their most accessible (however, no promises!) See what films are in development (search for “LGBT” and similar if you’re so moved), and send your resume/headshots.

Keep Searching.


Variety LGBT

Though finding a legit acting or modeling opportunity can prove to be challenging, in today’s multimedia-saturated world, it’s a highly realistic goal, especially if you’re willing to work for production credits, equity, portfolio images, and footage for your sizzle reels. So keep dreaming, make those go-sees happen, stay visible and stay inspired!

Best of Luck and Best Wishes,

Gay Agenda

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