PHOTOS: Blades Of Glory — 12 Openly Gay Skaters

By Les Fabian Brathwaite


Yesterday, Olympic figure skater and perennial open-ended question Brian Boitano acknowledged that he was a gay after decades of wearing epaulets as a fashion statement on the ice. It seems like skating, more than any other sport — with the possible exception of swimming — draws the gays like a siren’s call, as Boitano is only the latest in a long, triple axeling line of openly gay figure and speed skaters.

Strap on your toe picks ’cause we’re Salchowing to our heart’s delight with these 12 openly gay skaters.

Ronnie Robertson (1937 – 2000)


Toller Cranston (1949 – )

Toller Cranston

John Curry (1949 – 1994)


Ondrej Nepela (1951 – 1989)

Ondrej Nepela

Robert McCall (1958 – 1991)


Brian Pockar (1959 – 1992)


Brian Orser (1961 – )

Orser, Brian

Brian Boitano (1963 – )


Rudy Galindo (1969 – )


Jeffrey Buttle (1982 – )


Johnny Weir (1984 – )

Johnny Weir

Blake Skjellerup (1985 – )


Source: PHOTOS: Blades Of Glory — 12 Openly Gay Skaters

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