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Jake Choi, Asian Stud of the Month

Jake Choi, Asian Actor and star of the Strand Release movie available on Netflix titled “Front Cover,” has been releasing some very sexy and revealing photos of himself on Twitter. With his sexy tattoos, killer abs, hot smile and privates we can only dream about, he’s more than earned our vote as “Asian stud of the month.”

The sexy Asian stud has also been on numerous television shows such as Hawaii Five-O, Law & Order, Gotham and more. You can see the complete list of his work on his website JakeChoi.com

Judging from his photos, one can ascertain that not only is he a gifted actor, but he also has other certain “gifts” that is leaving us drooling for more.

Jake Choi sexy butt
All this leads us to beg the question, would you like to see Jake Choi become a PeterFever model? If so please comment below.  If you do love him, how much money do you think would it take for us to tempt him to be in our next Web Series?

Please comment below and let us know what you think about Jake Choi. You can follow him on Twitter @TheJakeChoi

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  1. If you want see nude photos of jake just google it theyll come up, he sent nudes to someone and you guessed it they now out…he has nice cock dare I say better than peters & just as delicious as Guy Tang

  2. I’m sick of tattoos. They are mostly ugly and ruin some perfectly gorgeous skin.
    What’s going to happen to those things in 30-40-50+ years?
    It’s NOT attractive to everyone, please remember.

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