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Episode 8 on Peter Fever

Episode 8 of “The Deuce: A Gay Parody” came out last week. We had a ton of fun filming this one and could barely stop laughing behind the scenes. Jessie is a clown and David Ace can get the giggles at the drop of a hat.

One fun thing stands out that kept the cast and crew in stitches. We’d ordered Chinese take-out earlier in the day and at one point in the episode, Jessie Lee leans over and grabs a gold necklace as a gift for David Ace. He’s supposed to pull it out of the night stand and to add a bit of comedy, we gave Jessie a secret stash of leftovers in his night stand. With nothing more than the gold necklace at first, we soon added a bunch of other surprises. Jessie and David were both in on the joke. Check out the full episode now!

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