Nothing Like the Smell of a Hot Jockstrap in the Morning!

Ahh, the warm, fragrant jockstrap, symbol of both masculine athletic action and man-to-man fun and games.  What could better set off this story of a massage appointment between Ken Ott and Trevor Stone?  Dive in and take a whiff of this man-scented story.

When Ken dropped by to meet Trevor at his hotel, he was running a little late after a shopping trip to buy designer jocks. But Trevor didn’t mind as long as he got the full fashion show.

Ken even let him try one on for size, but it started getting tight around the crotch VERY quickly… 

Once fashion turns into action, do you tear off the jock or let it stick around to be part of the fun?

Okay, now Trevor needs to get out and build up his own jockstrap wardrobe (or steal some from his friends…).  See the full scene at

Written by PeterFever

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