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Lonii Li Hits the Jackpot on His Morning Jog

Lonii Li is out for his daily jog. Little does he know that this is one of the luckiest days of his life. When Jace sees Lonii running by, he knows he’s got to have a piece of him and flags Lonii down. With barely three words, Jace has what he wants and gets Lonii upstairs to his pad.

Here’s a hotter-than-fire update served fresh this week at Our new discovery Lonii gets to team up with experienced model Jace (making his PeterFever debut) for an action scene that will warm the cockles of your evil little heart.  Pics to come, but here’s the action-packed trailer:

The scene is called THE LUCKY JOGGER, but we’re all the winners when we get to see this hot hookup.  Check it out at PeterFever!

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