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New Erotic Gay-Themed Hong Kong Feature Film Co-Stars PeterFever’s Eric East (film review)

Who says erotic models don’t have a future in big budget feature films?  PeterFever favorite Eric East is making a big splash in the edgy and controversial new blockbuster from Hong Kong entitled THIRTY YEARS OF ADONIS.  We’re proud of our alumnus, and so impressed that he has managed the transition from this:

to this!

Here’s more,  an interesting and informative review by PeterFever CEO Daniel Zeeman, fresh from the film’s North American premiere last night at Chicago’s Reeling Film Festival.

Director Scud unleashes Thirty Years of Adonis starring PeterFever hunk Eric East
Film reviewed by Danny Zeeman

We recently had the pleasure of attending the World Premiere of Adonis in Chicago, featuring the work of acclaimed, controversial director Scud and starring a cast of gorgeous Asian hunks including PeterFever’s own gay porn star Eric East, and featuring what he says is the largest 30-man full frontal nude shots in a movie of all time. Here’s the official description of the movie:

“Renowned for his erotically outrageous films (VOYAGE, UTOPIANS, AMPHETAMINE), Scud pushes the envelope even further with ADONIS, his seventh feature. It’s the story of Yank Ke (Adonis He Fei), an actor with the Beijing Opera, whose dreams of stardom are fading now that he’s pushing 30. When he loses his job and is down on his luck, he finds himself answering ads for “nude outdoor model” gigs and soon ends up participating in what will become his ticket to infamy: a gay porn film that becomes a sensation in the underground. As Ke descends further and further into a world of hedonism as a hotly desired sex worker, he finds himself increasingly emotionally detached. When Ke accepts the invitation of a mysterious, masked client (played by gay porn star Eric East) on his 30th birthday, even he might have found his limits. Filled with the mind blowing visuals and ultra-sexy cast director Scud is renowned for, ADONIS may well be his most provocative film.”

I had the chance to meet with the director after the film, and discovered that he originally had eyes to cast Peter Le in the role of the “masked client.” Unfortunately Peter wasn’t available at the time, so he referred Scud to Eric East instead. While I think that Peter would have been amazing in the film, Eric definitely did a great job in his role as the sinister client. We are absolutely delighted to see one of our alumni going on to an acting career in Hong Kong, and can only wish him all the best!

What can I say about the film itself? First of all, the visuals are stunning. Filmed in several locations including Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia there were a myriad of shots that were just mind-blowingly beautiful. One that really stands out is of the main actor (Ke) kissing his boyfriend under a literal wall of apartment building air conditioners, making what might be to the locals a mundane existence absolutely breathtaking.

Of course, that’s not the only stunning thing. It was difficult not to get a boner in the crowded theatre watching gorgeous, oiled-up young Asian men fully nude, having sex (with a cumshot included) or posed in hot S&M shibari positions. As with other films of this genre exploring prostitution and pornography, you sometimes feel guilty for looking at all of them as “just flesh,” especially once the movie takes a darker twist. I won’t reveal any spoilers here, but it’s definitely a film you need to see for yourself to decide.

Story-wise, not everything is immediately understandable — this is a movie worth seeing more than once. Having lived in Asia for over 10 years, I felt like I could relate to more of the movie and its Buddhist themes than most westerners, but it was still a challenge. Having said that, it touches on quite a few subjects, amongst them religion, the afterlife, money and of course (as is a recurring theme for the director) death.

Notable also, the film features some really big name Hong Kong actors including Hong Kong singer Amanda Lee (李惠敏) and veteran actresses Nora Chan (苗可秀) and Susan Shaw/Siu Yum Yum (邵音音).

All in all, we hope you support the film and rush out to the theater to see it if it’s released in your city or country! You can keep an eye out for news at and be sure to follow our official Facebook page at for more gay Asian related news!

Lucky Danny, and we hope to be among those in line to see THIRTY YEARS OF ADONIS the minute it hits local theatres.  Watch for a second post of Eric and his stellar career here at Peter Fever modeling for us, or check them out for yourself at




Written by PeterFever

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