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Lockdown Movie of the Week: “Fuccbois”

A provocative and sensual film of two Filipino guys looking for fame and fortune but finding a lot of complications along the way, Eduardo Roy Jr.’s award-winning “Fuccbois” is a great example of Pinoy independent film.. It’s played at film festivals but is quite hard to find here in the US. But YouTube comes to the rescue, albeit in a rather mediocre transfer. It’s still totally worth watching, the story is gripping, and the guys are pure eye candy.

FUCCBOIS’ goodlooking young leads.

So here’s your lockdown cinema for the week. Hope you get through another week of social distancing without TOO much boredom!

The male pageant at the center of FUCCBOIS
Mediocre quality but still watchable print of Eduardo Roy, Jr.’s FUCCBOIS. (And while you’re dreaming about fuckboys, stop in and see us at

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