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Here’s what’s thrilling at PeterFever this week! Stop by and see “Zombie Cumsuckers”…

Here’s a tasty bit of seasonal fun splattered with zombie chills and seXXXy thrills. Jessie Lee is the Zombie King, an ancient undead horndog clad in kinky gold finery. We see him lure a hot young hipster (Zario Travezz) to his fetishy throne for some filthy kicks.

When he announces “I’m gonna fuck you and feed you my cum,” Zario doesn’t know what he’s in for. The minute the toxic zombie cum touches his lips he quakes and flails until a green flash of lightning binds him to the Zombie King as a faithful minion. The two set out to turn a sexy couple to complete their horny cell.

That couple is (Grabbys winner for “Best Newcomer”) Jack Hunter and his partner David Ace. The unwitting pair get a mysterious sex party invite entitled “Cum Into My Web” and find themselves playing cat and mouse in a fateful foursome with Jessie and Zario. David spots Zario in a hot fetishy shredded outfit, gold slave chain and leather cap, and gets his sexual motor revved up for action. In the sling room Zario pounds David’s happy hole while Jack peeks through a slightly open door. When Zario’s sperm drizzles into David’s hungry mouth, Jack watches in horror as his love turns into a sex-driven zombie. He rushes to search on his phone for the secret of “How to turn a zombie human again.” When the answer states that only by feeding the King the “cum of pure love” can you defeat him and turn all his minions back to their human form, he knows it’s all up to him.

Can Jack seduce the Zombie King and jizz that potent elixir that defeats the zombie curse? Thinking of his love for David, he sets out for the King’s throne room to fuck some sweet, sweet love juice down his undead throat. The Zombie King plans to turn Jack into his final zombie slave, but he has no idea of the hot hero he’s up against.

Something’s hot and CREEPY at PeterFever this week! Don’t miss “Zombie Cumsuckers”…

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