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2022 Olympic Skating is Pure Asian Male Eye Candy

The Summer Olympics are always a hot source of man-watching fun, from swimming, diving and wrestling to weightlifting and track events. Men in their physical and sexual peak, showing off perfectly-conditioned bodies in the warm summer events is a natural setting for appreciating male beauty. This year’s Winter Olympics aren’t so unclothed and overtly sexual, but the men’s figure skating events promise to showcase a gaggle of hot young Asian men in all their glory.

Top contenders in men’s figure skating include three Japanese stars and two stellar Asian-Americans. Yuzuru Hanyu from Japan is expected to compete with American Nathan Chen for the Gold, with the other podium spots filled by other strong Japanese athletes Yuma Kagiyama and Shoma Uno, and maybe even American Vincent Zhou. Of course we’ll be glued to the TV for these events and encourage you as well. If you haven’t committed to watching, are these pics a little incentive?

Nathan Chen, America’s brightest skate star.
The charismatic Yuzuru Hanyu
Lean, artistic Vincent Zhou of the US
Japanese Yuma Kagiyama

After lockdowns and postponements, sporting events are beginning to bring the world back to a feeling of normalcy. And what can be more normal for red-blodded males like us than appreciating tight booties, lean hard bodies, athletic prowess and spangly sequined costumes? When this quadrennial mega-event hits the news and our tvs, don’t miss out!

Written by PeterFever

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