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Kouya’s Zen Hookup at PeterFever

Our Japan-based PeterFever East production crew have managed to land a big star on the Japanese gay adult scene. Zen is popular in porn and the local social media, and we think he’ll make a big splash here as well, especially with onscreen partners like your favorite Kouya.

Kouya has been the reigning “golden boy” at PeterFever East, with warm bronze skin and until recently a shock of golden hair. Now he’s back to black, and meeting up with a new boy with a thick sandy blonde mane. Hot new star Zen is lean and handsome in a casual way, and he’s ready to hook up with our tight-muscled star.

They kiss and work up their body-to-body friction, then Zen moves down to service Kouya’s long dick and heavy nuts. They switch places. Kouya yanks down Zen’s undies, fondles his thickening cock.

Kouya takes Zen’s tool into his mouth and works it up to stiff. He has plans for that nice prick. When Kouya gets on all fours with his muscular butt in Zen’s face, the new guy gets up to speed and prods a slick finger in. Rolling on a condom, he eases in and starts pumping that hungry ass. Kouya helps himself to a grinding cock ride, then lies back and lets Zen go deep.

Zen strokes Kouya’s dick as he thrusts, gets them both right up to the edge. Kouya can’t take another second of the delicious prodding and squirts a splatter of sperm across his lean abs. They retreat to the shower, and Kouya gives Zen a handjob that has his legs quivering and his cock spraying onto Kouya’s tatted chest.

And here’s an extra tidbit for Zen’s growing legion of fans. A Japanese chat show on YouTube recently featured Zen plus some of your other PeterFever East favorites, Hiroya and Kouya, on video from Tokyo. It’s entirely in Japanese, but fun to watch them all laughing and horsing around for the cameras.

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