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Ride Me 1: Pull Inside

Rideshare driver Jon Darra has some scorching tales to tell of the horny passengers and hot encounters on his daily rounds. He tells us about the straight passenger (Ty Roderick) he was shuttling to his destination who kept rubbing his crotch and licking his lips suggestively.

Obviously a guy who doesn’t mind taking a walk on the wild side. His girlfriend wouldn’t be home right away, “Nobody home at my house, so if you’re not doing anything… Pull into the garage and I’ll give you an extra tip.” We think he’ll be using more than the tip of his big thick tool on Jon.

Jon gets on his knees and sucks his horny straight fare right there next to the open car door. He climbs onto the back seat and lets Ty “go to town” on his hungry ass. Ty strips down to reveal an muscular hairy chest and sexy trail leading to his massive dick and heavy nuts. Once it’s wet and slick, Ty wastes no time pumping that fucktool deep into Jon’s furry hole. His nuts slam into Jon’s taint with a wet “Thwack!” as he pummels in.

Grabbing Jon’s waist and shoulder, Ty drill in balls deep. Jon pants for breath and starts beating his meat. He braces against the incessant hard impact, holding the door and car seat to keep from getting knocked forward. Ty pulls out and strokes a few before a guttural groan signals he’s ready to blast. Shot after shot of warm sticky cream glaze Jon’s mustache and scruffy beard, and Ty scrapes it off to feed him. Jon’s own splatter hits the garage floor before he leans up to get a kiss from the hot “straight” dude.

Written by PeterFever

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