From "Fashion" Photo Gallery on
From "Fashion" Photo Gallery on

I’m Peter Le, a personal trainer/bodybuilder, adult entertainer, writer, blogger, reality TV show personality (K-Town), and now a clothing designer.

In 2002 after wrestling in college and receiving my degree in Psychology, I started a personal training business at Gold Gym in the San Francisco Bay Area.

August 2008 I created, an adult entertainment site featuring exclusive videos and photos of me in exotic locations all over the world.

Then in 2009 I created after writing and publishing three physical training books showing people how to get into shape by bulking-up and toning their physique.

June 2010 I launched my daily blog (NSFW)

July 2010 I was selected as one of the cast members on the new reality TV show called “K-Town” featuring an all Asian-American cast (Facebook Fan Page).

In October of 2010, I launched my new eStore site On this site you will find everything from the clothing that I wore during photo and video shoots to a new clothing line that I’m developing with up and coming designers in Asia. Other types of merchandise will be added as this site grows, so make sure you stop by often. And remember, clothing from my photo shoots and video productions are unique and there is only one like it; so if you want it, you better buy it while it is available!

If you have any other suggestions for products I should carry, send them to

– Peter


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    • I didn’t join the final cast of K-town but stay tuned to this blog for things I’ll appear in like PeterFever and Andrew Christian.

  1. Hi Peter! Hoping you are doing fantastic! I woul like to know when you are planning to be in San Francisco. I wanna meet you on person! 🙂 You are not only a very handsome man… I think you also are sweetheart… 🙂

  2. Hi Peter,
    I think you know how you looks :))

    I’m a big fan of your site(s) and I’m still loughing for your last post :)))))) I like funny people and of course good looking.

    All the best from Europe


  3. peter oi ! ban biet tieng vietnamese khong? hay chi tieng anh thoi.hi Peter are you know vietnamese or only enghlish? good luck to you.i dream we are becomfreindplay.

  4. man i have to say i sure love your photos, and listening to you talking, in your bio, if your ever in Toronto i surely like to meet.BE WELL & MOST OF ALL HAPPY

  5. hi peter,

    you truly have great physique, how long have you been working out to achieve a body like that. i’m also into bodybuilding but having a hard time gaining mass. they say i’m ripped no fat, i weigh 120lbs. your an inspiration to me. dont get too big, you’re sexy the way you are now.

  6. heh I’ve sorta had a crush on you since i was 17 when I first saw a picture of you. Although I’ll probably never meet you I just wanted to say you sorta inspire me haha =]

    • lol sooo funny…….me too, i wish that he was straight, but what can u do??? u can see, but u can’t bite! 😉

  7. Hey Pete

    As I mentioned in another blog entry, you look great as the “guy next door”, you can make my day even without the more revealing shots.

    It would be great to get to know your personality too!

    Try to post videos and comments about your everyday life! Looking forward to it…

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