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    Where on earth is Peter Le? It’s been an awesome summer so far! We just wrapped up The Asiancy season 5, finished a new spin-off series, and partied at Cocktail with the Star between San Diego and LA. I rested […] More

  • birthdaysurprise

    Birthday Surprise

    My birthday isn’t until November 6th, but my friend is coordinating a surprise birthday party for our good friend Kasey. Now Kasey is a really easy going guy and easy to please, as long as there’s good food, plenty of booze […] More

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    Easter Sunday

    This Easter Sunday I’m going to celebrate by having my good friend, the Easter Bunny, make a guest appearance in Chicago. Every year the Easter Bunny would visit me to watch TV and drink beers. He is no Teddy from […] More

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    Halloween 2012

    I’m pretty sure you have seen this costume before, so I know it’s not original, but I look damn good in it. I went to a few Halloween parties over the weekend to show off my costume. I acted out […] More