Birthday Surprise

My birthday isn’t until November 6th, but my friend is coordinating a surprise birthday party for our good friend Kasey. Now Kasey is a really easy going guy and easy to please, as long as there’s good food, plenty of booze and some eye candy he’ll be thrilled with the party. But here’s the thing – I’ve been to a surprise party gone horribly wrong, so I keep saying that we should tell Kasey that we’re planning a party for him and let him get involved so that he’s 100% happy on his birthday.

As for that party gone wrong, let’s just say that some genius thought it was a good idea to invite the birthday boy’s two most recent ex boyfriends, and it turned into a shouting match and drinks thrown all over the place. Anyway, what do you guys think? If you were Kasey – would you rather be surprised, or would you rather be involved in planning your big day? 


Written by PeterFever


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  1. You’d rather be involved in the planning of your big day? I prefer it because a lot of unexpected things will we welcome by nugrahpeterfever

  2. Well, from the information that you’ve displayed in your story, I think I would pull him aside and let him know what is being planned and then he can make his decisions from there. As you’ve mentioned, the invite of ex-boyfriends may not be something that he would want at his party which could turn into a huge disaster as well as being uncomfortable. Good Luck,…

  3. I would say:
    Tell him that you plan a birthday party for him, but also tell him that you want a few surprises for him. Thereby he can tell you what definitely not to do and maybe you can get some hints out of him, what he would wish to see.

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