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    Happy Lunar New Years

    Happy Lunar New Years! This year is the year of the horse and it is believed to bring balance and stability for people. Every year my family follows the traditional superstitions in order to bring in good fortune. I figured, […] More

  • Wrestling-the-Sumo
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    Wrestling the Sumo

    My buddies and I heard of a giant Sumo served at our favorite local sushi restaurant. For brunch, you have to ask for the sumo which is one of their secret drinks, it’s not on the regular menu. So what’s […] More

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    The Year of the Snake

    It’s my first New Year away from California. In my family, it’s been a tradition to light a roll of firecrackers at the stroke of midnight to celebrate the New Year. When the firecrackers are exploding, you can hear firecrackers […] More

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    Single and Gay

    While I was in LA this past week I got to hang out with one of my good friends, the talented and hilarious Kevyn. I met Kevyn when he interviewed me a couple years ago for the blog Queerious, (If […] More

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    Happy Lunar New Year!

    I love celebrating New Lunar Year! Every year my family would start the celebration with lighting a roll or fire crackers at 12:01 AM on the New Year day at our porch. The fire cracker last for several minutes while […] More