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Happy Lunar New Years

Happy Lunar New Years! This year is the year of the horse and it is believed to bring balance and stability for people. Every year my family follows the traditional superstitions in order to bring in good fortune. I figured, it won’t hurt to change my normal routine for a day in hopes to bring in a better year. Here is my check list for this year:

1. Cleaned my house before the new year.  A clean house means that you are welcoming good fortune and getting rid of bad ones.

2. Wear red clothing. Red is a symbol of good luck.

3. Purposely lose to my nephew and niece in a friendly game known in Vietnam as bầu cua cá cọp  which translates as “squash-crab-fish-tiger.”

I hope everyone had an awesome Lunar New Year weekend!

"Timoteo Suits Me"
“Timoteo Suits Me”

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Xin yuan kuai le, Peter! I think this year is your year. and the horse really represents you well. “BIG” and knows how to kick some ass ( literally and figuratively, lol) looking forward to more mouth watering pics and videos of you, Stud! 😉

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