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  • peter So

    Your Fate in 2016

    Since last year my friend has started making it an annual thing to give me a book by Peter So. He is famous for his practice in So Sect of Feng Shui and modern Feng Shui theories. Last year I […] More

  • Happy-Horse-Year-2014-2
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    Happy Lunar New Years

    Happy Lunar New Years! This year is the year of the horse and it is believed to bring balance and stability for people. Every year my family follows the traditional superstitions in order to bring in good fortune. I figured, […] More

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    Happy Lunar New Year!

    I love celebrating New Lunar Year! Every year my family would start the celebration with lighting a roll or fire crackers at 12:01 AM on the New Year day at our porch. The fire cracker last for several minutes while […] More