Borrowing Money

Where's My Money?
Where's My Money?

I’m pretty sure that everyone in their lifetime has let family members and friends borrow money during tough times. I know that before you let someone borrow your money, you should determine if that amount is worth losing because in most cases you will never see that money again. I thought the higher the amount you lend out, the more likely you will see that money another day. After all, it’s easy to forget and I may have forgotten in the past too, that I borrowed a twenty and never paid back.

Well I was burned the other day and now have this attitude that you should never let people you trust borrow money if you can’t afford to lose it. I’m curious how much money have you let go?

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Piracy is a huge issue concern, especially in Asia! I should know, Philippine govern ment created a department just to always raid or force to stop people sell piracy movies. Its always on their local news like every other month.

  2. Hi Peter,

    I came to know about you through some pirated dvds bought in the streets of Silom, Bangkok. You are gorgeous! Today, I accidentally saw your videos through Youtube, and that’s how I intended to join as a member. I hope to see more of you are other handsome guys in the future. Write to you again … take care 🙂

    • I’m not crazy that people are pirating my work, but I’m very happy that you found me and are going to Join. If it weren’t for paying members, none of this would exist.

  3. loaning a friend money is probably the quickest way to lose one(friend).
    you just have to follow some personal rules.
    1. never loan any more than you are comfortable with losing. You are essentially gambling with your money and friendship.
    2. Adjust your expectation. No matter how much they assure you that they will pay you back. Expect that they won’t. Because no matter how sincere they are when they borrow; it rarely translates when its time to repay.
    3. Forgive but do not forget. Don’t hold it against them. Chalk it up to a bad investment, and just don’t “invest” in them again.

  4. Ah yes, he did get married to a Spanish woman (U.S citizen) about 2 years ago and is now living in California with another Filipino room mate and is a green card holder and waiting for U.S citizenship approval. And no I am not a player lol, I just took a risk and ask him for sex as the payment plan which I was shock for him to say yes immediately lol.

  5. Thats a tough one…….I lend out money ……sometimes good sometimes bad. I borrow money when I just don’t have any in my wallet from friends ….go to ATM and they get it right away……yes I have been burned….but…..I dunno….I can’t live my life as THAT asshole……giving is fun and exciting…..I got a good one right now that I give to…and it makes me o happy.

  6. Well a close friend of mine from the Philippines wanted to borrow $10,000 from me so that he can marry an American citizen woman here in the states and be able to migrate here. (I know this is illegal and all, but he was my friend—a very hot friend lol) I am a U.S citizen, single w no kids, and successful. So, I did lend him $10,000. Knowing he won’t be able to pay me back even though he says he will, I decided to arrange something for him. Since he was in his 20s, same age as me and did modelling during his teens, I use his hotness into my advantage by having sex with me once or twice a week until he has his green card. After having his green card, he and I continues to become great friends and secretly have a mutual sex meeting sessions once a week at least or once a month lol. So, I don’t regret it at all! lol

  7. The policy I’ve developed is to either just give them what you can outright, as a gift. Or, if it’s your idea of a lot of $, ask for collateral. I’ve only actually done this once, when someone needed a lot.

  8. Several years ago, a female friend that I worked with and I had become very close buddies. Well, at least I thought so until one Christmas, she told me this story about how she was in such a financial crunch that she will not be able to buy her two children Christmas gifts. After she told me her story, she asked if I could lend her $250.00 and she will give it back to me the 15th of January of the upcoming year. Because I considered her to be a good friend, I told her that I would lend her the money and if she found herself to still have problems that maybe we should establish a payment plan in order to make it easier for her to pay it back. She told me that there was no need for that because she will definitely be able to give the full amount back. Unfortunately, she did not give me my money back and since I was promoted not too long afterward, she dodged my phone calls. After all this time, we do not speak or see each other anymore, and I have not received the money from her. However, what was so strange to me was that I received that money so many times over out of nowhere when I least expected. I guess you can call this “happy accidents”. The sad part is that she lost a really good friend. For me, it was a lesson learned.

    • I feel the same way. Why ruin a friendship over a few dollars? Why do they dodge phones calls and no show when you are supposed to meet up? I feel like maybe they never really valued the friendship the same way I did. Funny how money changes some people and not others.

  9. Hey Peter, I know exactly what you’re feelin’. I’ve lent out money, both small and large amounts but under the circumstances the need was great and I’ve lost a few good friendships because they couldn’t pay me back. But I knew that was a possibility even before lending it to them.

    By no means I would say I’m a rich guy or even “well off” but if I have the money “to spare” to help not just a friend, but a “Good Friend” then I would do it…but it really depends on the need. I’ve helped friends to help meet their rent, even though I could have used the money myself to pay my bills but their needs was more… immanent. But if they are having problems meeting their rent then it would be safe to say that it might be a long time before you see that money back, if at all. But ya gotta realize that going into it.

    I look at it this way…helping some one is like rescuing a drowning person. If you’re not careful and if you don’t know what you’re doing, they can take you down with them. So ya gotta know your limits.

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