Breaking the Asian Stereotype – Steven Yeun

Steven Yeun
Steven Yeun

Finally an Asian guy, Steven Yeun, in a popular mainstream TV show is kicking ass, taking names and getting laid by a white chick. I give mad props to my Asian brother; I told you we can do it all. This is exactly what I mean by Breaking the Asian Stereotype. It’s about time Asians take a leading role.

I also know has made a major impact in the industry. Nominated and winning last year for best Asian site and then this year being nominated again for “Best Ethnic Themed Site” just goes to show that people realize my site is more than beautiful guys, it is making a statement. More and more potential models sending in their applications to I plan to be the biggest site in the industry, giving you a variety of hot, tough and strong, sexy and sensual Asian men that the world has never seen.

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  1. Totally agreed. Glen is a great character in general. And, yes, in the way he’s developed a sexual persona this season, his race has been utterly irrelevant. Stereotypes have very much been broken. . . . It’s also just fantastic television.

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