Birthday Gift

Yep it’s that time again. The day that happens once a year, on November 6th, my birthday. For the past week, I’ve been getting asked what I want for my birthday and after giving a few “nothing” responses, it started to get a bit annoying. People think I need a nice sweater for the Winter season or new gadget to keep me busy, but I really just want them to say happy birthday even if they are not around.

I’m a simple guy, the less material things I have the better. It would be nice if I could sing “Happy Birthday” to myself and have it posted it on Youtube without them banning it. I still can’t believe the video where I’m singing happy birthday to myself is so X rated for Youtube standards.

Anyway, mark your calendar November 6, it’s Peter’s Birthday!

Photo Set: Sheep Skin Boy
Photo Set: Sheep Skin Boy


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  1. You are going to want a good scarf and some warm gloves for the winter. And whoever said you were the hottest asian is wrong, you are the hottest of ANY ethnicity.
    Go on Halsted for your birthday and you will get treated like a King.

  2. I wouldn’t mind if you tried again this year! 🙂 It was great, and maybe this time we can get it to over 100.000 views before they ban it as a gift?! Let’s try! 🙂 My favorite ‘simple guy’, hope you can take off enough time to relax and just let people serve You. You are very important to us. So sure it’s in my calendar. Vui la vui qua! (^_^)!


    Who knows..maybe I will do my “specialty” of sending u a b-day striptease of me doing a special b-day dance..just for you…lol..take care..

  4. Happy Birthday (in advance) to my Dear Friends… Wish you ALL THE BEST!!! I’ll remark that day is a BIG Day… Thanks for your Birthday Gift and if you have travel to Malaysia please inform me , so that i can prepare something special for you…!!!

  5. seems like you’re the one who has a gift for us! an advance gift, I must say. looking at your new pic feels like it’s already my Birthday! guess I’ll have 2 birthdays coz mine is on November 5 and to see you on the next day is like it’s part 2, hehe!

  6. You are the Man !
    You are what i want to be and hope for.
    well ! its just a dream as everyone will
    be saying the same thing.
    Anyway, Wish you always stay Healthy, Wealthy

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