My Last Blog Post Ever

When this blog is posted it will be my last blog post ever according to the Mayans, they believe today is when the world will end. They have couple prediction how it’s going down.

1. The sun will fry the Earth
2. A black hole in space will suck the Earth in it
3. The final battle of Good and Evil are using Earth as their battle ground
4. Yellowstone volcano will erupt

While all this is happening tomorrow. I’m going to do the things I always wanted to do.

1. Turn into Superman and fly around the universe
2. Turn into a transformer robot and rap in Snoop Dog’s voice
3. Have mind control powers and make everyone in the world to jump up and down in sync to see if the impact will destroy the Earth 
4. Be flexible enough to Suck my own Cock.

Although, these all the things I should do tomorrow, I don’t believe at the world will end today, so I’m waking up to appreciate another day I have and do my normal Friday routine.


Written by PeterFever


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  1. …hey, does that include sucking your cock while rapping? 😀
    That’d be tha bomb! :p haha, if this is my last day, I’m sure I’ll be smiling. 🙂 Super-Peter, SAVE US!!

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