Gay Beaches, French Vineyards at the Heart of the Mediterranean

Cinq & Sept, in the traditional winemaking village of Roujan, is the ideal base to discover the local naturist beaches, oyster beds and traditional southern French cuisine
| By Jean Paul Zapata
Gay guesthouse Cinq & Sept is the perfect place to get all the action in the south of France.

The south of France evokes images of sun-kissed vineyards, Mediterranean beaches and a charming isolation the rest of Europe travels hours to reach.

Less than a 30 minute drive from the warm waters of the Mediterranean sea and less than an hour away from the ‘San Francisco of France’, the region’s capital Montpellier, you will find the exclusively gay guesthouse Cinq & Sept.

Pronounced ‘sank-ay-set’ and literally meaning five and seven in French, not to be confused with ‘cinq à sept’ which refers to the time for social gathering after work and before dinner when men used to meet their mistresses in times gone by.

Cinq & Sept is an 1800s Italian-style villa in France perfect for a summer getaway with a group of friends. With six fully-equipped suites, a heated pool and neighbouring vineyards, Cinq & Sept leaves little to be desired.

Michelin-star chefs are available to assist with dinner parties and local attractions make this house the perfect home base to explore the surrounding region.


Driving under an hour in any direction leads you to towering castles, hidden lakes, charming villages, all surrounded by bountiful vineyards and a rolling green landscape.

Here are our top picks of things to see and do in the Languedoc region in the south of France:

Bronzed waiters at Jungle Beach, Agde – a short 25 minute drive away from Cinq & Sept Bronzed waiters wearing little under topless aprons offer food, drinks, massages and covered ‘Bali patios’.

Pick a private pool at the Gorges d’Heric – The region has dozens of popular stops that can turn into private escapades. The stunning natural wonder of the Gorges d’Heric is a system of pools fed by streams of water trickling down from higher mountains. In the summer, the trickles dry up to reveal countless crystal-clear pools. In the winter, the entire system because a scenery of waterfalls. Rumor has it the region’s best hot chocolate is at the top of the gorges in a small café.

Gay it up in Montpellier – France’s second largest LGBTI pride takes place in Montpellier, aptly named the San Francisco of France. A bustling city with shops, restaurants and its own offering of gay bars and saunas, Montpellier has 16th century buildings, 12th century baths and 21st century flair.