Naughty Or Nice? Sixteen Celebs On Santa’s List

By Matthew Tharrett


Santa has made his list and you better believe he’s checking it twice! For every one celebrity receiving a wrapped gift from great big sack this year, there are roughly 12 with a stocking full of black coal. But who is getting what?!

Scroll down and help us finesse Santa’s list! Here are the naughtiest and nicest celebs of 2013:


Cheyenne Jackson: Naughty
This Broadway babe’s naughty bits touched us in all the right places this year. And if making a sex tape is naughty, we don’t want to be nice.


Tom Daley: Nice
A vision of decency in 2013. Here’s to hoping this newly out athlete shakes things up with a naughty homemade tape in 2014.


Josh Hutcherson & Dylan Sprouse: Naughty
The Hunger Games‘ Peeta and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody‘s Zack were both caught with their pants down in a few naughty photos this year, and we’re certainly not complaining. A new trend?


Nick Jonas: Nice
Oh, how we wish it weren’t so! This year could have done with a little more naughty antics from Nick Jonas, but this G-rated shirtless selfie was the best he could do. It’s alright though, we always have his brother Joe to tackle the naughty stuff.

tumblr_m6rnsbyHl21qcbdq0o1_500 (1)

One Direction: Naughty
Come on guys, you’re not fooling us anymore! All those unabashed crotch-grabs and cheeky man-on-man love has landed you on the naughty list indefinitely. (Keep it up PLEASE!)


Andrew Christian: Naughty
I mean


Jason Collins, Blake Skjellerup & Robbie Rogers: Nice
Thanks for inspiring an honest discussion about the lack of LGBT inclusiveness in professional sports!

james-franco-kiss-himself (1)

James Franco: Naughty
So many gay kisses. So many blowjobs. So many naughty things that are oh so nice.


Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka: Nice
Thanks, boys, for giving gay dads a great face in mainstream media. Your too-cute Instagram photos make us reconsider the whole “having kids” thing.


Johnny Weir’s mouth: Naughty
Thanks for giving us another reason (many, many reasons actually) to stop watching the winter Olympics! We’re assuming someone was watching in the first place…


Orlando Cruz: Nice
That naughty nude photo almost landed this professional boxer on Santa’s naughty list, but we think his surprise wedding and adorable honeymoon selfies (doublies?) were just too nice.


Dustin Zito: Naughty
Bless you, Dustin, for reminding us of your naughty gay porn past this year. May you never find a shirt again.

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Written by PeterFever

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