The Most Erotic Andrew Christian Moments Of 2013

By Matthew Tharrett


It was a great year to be an Andrew Christian model, and an even better one for those of us that just can’t get enough of those almost X-rated, totally pointless yet wildly entertaining “product demo” videos. The L.A.-based underwear mogul stepped up his game when it came to showing off the goods this year, and we certainly weren’t complaining about it — although we did give our fave underwear brand a hard time for bragging about featuring a bareback porn star, Antonio Biaggi.

Along with racier (dare I say borderline pornographic) videos came a new explicit company Tumblr (NSFW) and the inclusion of some pretty major porn stars in marketing materials. Capped with a new website disclaimer that only allows adults inside, this company came dangerously close to becoming a softcore porn directory that sells underwear.

Could 2014 be the year that points AC in a more hardcore direction? Only time will tell!

Strip down to your skivvies and pour a bucket of water over your head. We’re counting down the top 5 hottest Andrew Christian moments of 2013:


5. The Andrew Christian Field Trip

What do you get when you put a handful of jacked underwear models in a party bus with free booze, zero clothes, a stripper pole, and then drive them from Los Angeles to Palm Springs? Wet dreams, that’s what.


The uncensored version of this video could technically be filed under “actual porn.” Nevermind the ass clenching that pole or the dick that’s slapping a face. If you watch closely, there is clearly some tongue-on-ass action happening right before they set up a vodka luge on some lucky guy’s back muscles.

4. The Andrew Christian models on RuPaul’s Drag Race

The only thing better than a handful of Andrew Christian models bouncing around and gyrating on a party bus is 22 Andrew Christian models standing still and dropping their pants at your command. Don’t act like you haven’t already dreamed about this.


The show dispatched this horde of hunks to help Ru during a mini challenge this year, and welcomed notable AC faves Colby Melvin and former porn star Brent Corrigan.

3. Twerk Off

I really wouldn’t mind if the twerking fad dies out in 2014, but I am grateful that it brought us this tasteful, insanely hot twerk-off competition. These boys aren’t just dancing, they’re humping the floors and walls (and each other!) while covered in a glistening layer of baby oil. Bless.


The best part of the video? A twerking tutorial is offered around 4:33. Better study up!

2. The Night Before Christmas

Andrew Christian’s take on “The Night Before Christmas” has nothing to do with the classic tale and everything to do with hot guys undressing, drinking, and seriously grinding their junk all over a West Hollywood bar. What a brilliant opportunity to use a ho-ho-hoe joke.


Check out the magic happening around 3:13. Is “smelling penis” considered porn?


1. Studburbia

Andrew Christian’s hottest work in 2013 came via “Studburbia”, the celebratory summer scene that welcomed Men exclusive porn star Johnny Rapid to the AC crew. Complete with a raunchy pool party and tons of bare ass, this video was undoubtedly the greatest AC ad of the year.


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Written by PeterFever

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