My Dad Told Me, “To Die Right Now”

My dad told me, “to die right now”

Shocking isn’t it. Well, the truth is, it’s not what you think. I gave my dad my Google Voice number a while back because I wasn’t getting phone reception in my high rise apartment. It was basically the only way of communicating on phone before I switched to T-mobile, which gave me the option to make and receive calls via WiFi.

Well, my dad still uses my Google number when he calls me. He left me a message in Vietnamese yesterday (Thankfully I was able to download the message on Google Voice), saying that he heard I was going to be in town on Sunday from my brother and wanted to verify. However, Google Voice translated that to this:

“Doing Joe last night, you would like to find out. I know that I didn’t. Definitely I didn’t come days. If you do and Sunday if I want to know how. I’d like to have to die right now. So yeah, my concern call back tonight that you will not go back to you yet, okay but i gotta”

Here is the actual message that my dad left me. 

Google cracks me up sometimes.

Written by PeterFever


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