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  • my new hog

    My New Big Hog

    I recently traded in my tiny 2014 Lance Havana Classic 125 CC for the new 2015 Yamaha Bolt with 950 cc. It’s a bad ass motorcycle that rides like a solid car on two wheels. I actually feel more safe […] More

  • motorcycle_header

    License to Ride

    I can finally get my motorcycle license now that I have my training course certificate . This weekend was a rough weekend. I woke up at 5:30 AM on Saturday and on a cold rainy Sunday to attend my motorcycle class. […] More

  • black or white

    White or Black?

    When it comes to bike helmets, they all reduce serious head injuries. In California, it’s the law to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. However, I’m in a bind with these two helmets, one’s white with cool pull down […] More

  • Moped
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    Beating LA Traffic

    If you’ve never been to LA let me tell you there’s so much traffic here it takes so long to get from one place to another. I started off riding a hybrid bike to get around town, but it was […] More

  • pill popper
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    Pill Popper

    No it’s not what you think, your fitness guru isn’t on the hard stuff. 😉 I’ve been traveling a lot recently, just in the past couple of weeks I’ve been to Europe, to LA, to Shanghai and back again. With […] More

  • my-new-baby

    My New Baby

    Since I moved back to L.A. on Wednesday I can’t get anywhere without a car, so I decided to get the new redesigned Mazda 3 S Grand Touring; it basically has all the bells and whistles. It has the sexy […] More

  • auto-or-manual
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    Auto or Manual?

    The best part of living in Chicago is that you can get to anywhere without owning a car, but now that I’m moving to L.A, my friend highly suggested that I needed a car. After doing extensive research on top […] More

  • heading-home

    Heading Home

    It’s that time again, where I see my friends and family in California. I’ve been traveling so much that I racked up free round trip tickets and got a bunch of free drink vouchers. My buddy and I will be […] More

  • spring-cleaning

    Spring Cleaning

    I know this is late for Spring, but it’s just started for me. I’ve been waiting to open up my storage so I can switch out my wardrobe of winter clothes with a new wardrobe of summer clothes. I’m really […] More