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The Asiancy S9E16 “Newfound Independence”

It's Over!
It’s Over!
Let's Celebrate
Let’s Celebrate

After all this time waiting for Diego to come back, I realized I had wasted my time. Obviously things had changed. It was time to move on and the first step is to celebrate my independence. I no longer have to hold back, feel guilt, or worry. I am free to fuck whomever I want and Jessie is my first target. I can always count on him for a hard pounding. 


Celebrate with Jessie Lee & Coda in the season finale, The Asiancy S9E16 “Newfound Independence”. 

No Inhabitions
No Inhabitions

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Written by PeterFever

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  1. Newfound independence was great. Coda and Jessie Lee are great together.I wish that the video was longer. I can’t wait until Diego finally come home and discover that Coda was doing the deed with some other guy. I wouldn’t be shock that Diego was doing the deed with some other guy while he is away.

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