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Break Up Sex – Good or Bad?

Would You Do It?
Would You Do It?

I’m sure we’ve all been there. Break ups are never easy. Over the weekend, one of my good friends recently experienced a break up. They had been together for a year and it ended with a mutual break up. They loved each other but were on different pages in their life and didn’t think it could ultimately work. He was telling me that his partner and him were having a hard time coping with being apart since the break up. After a night of partying together they ended the night with break up sex. After it was all said and done, they were then reminded the harsh reality of a break up. What’s your take on break up sex? I think it can complicate things unless everyone’s on the same page. I think it could be amazing too if there’s no strings attached but I’d like to hear if you’ve experienced this before. Leave a vote and comment below on what you think. 

Break Up Sex - Good or Bad?

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Break Up - Good or Bad?
Break Up – Good or Bad?

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  1. I think is mostly depends on the people and the situation. Like, if one partner was abusive or violent, then absolutely not. But if it was a situation where they’re just in different places, physically/mentally/spiritually/emotionally/etc, but still love each other, then I would understand that. Or if someone got a new job or something elsewhere and they had to split up (if they didn’t want to do long distance.) But yeah, I would say overall it depends on the people in the relationship and the health of the relationship at the end of it.

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