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‘The Deuce: A Gay Parody’ Is Here!

We spent a week at Metropolis Complex, the world’s largest gay men’s clothing optional resort in the world located in Augusta, GA. We were working on something really special and your response has been overwhelming. With a cast of stars that includes David Ace, Alex Chu, Jessie Lee, FX Rios, and introducing Ari Nucci, we were able to make a tribute to 70s porn and culture. It’s a parody nod to ‘The Deuce’ set in 1970s New York. While we’re not in New York, our story centers on a couple of pimps (China Gold, played by Jessie Lee and Silky Dick, played by FX Rios). Their star ho, Bandit (played by newcummer Ari Nucci), finds them a couple of new Asian sluts who are willing to do what it takes to get ahead (and some head) in life.

Here are the opening credits. We had the dramatic 70s television themes in mind when doing them. We had so much fun doing this series that we can’t wait to do a sequel. We know you’ll enjoy the fucking and sucking just as much as we did filming. Enjoy and as always, let us know what you think!

Written by PeterFever

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