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Alex Chu’s Erotic Sessions: Meet Dylan Art

Dylan Art is Alex Chu’s latest conquest. The two met at the gym but haven’t been able to hook up just yet. In Part 2 of our sizzling new series, ALEX CHU’S EROTIC SESSIONS, we meet Alex’s buddy and playmate Dylan Art, home fantasizing about his upcoming hookup with our sexy hero Alex.

After he agrees to meet Alex later, Dylan’s urges take over and he starts to touch himself. His fantasies play out in his head when he imagines Alex’s strong arms wrapped around him as he rubs his growing bulge through the fabric of his shorts.

In Dylan’s mind, Alex is fingering his tight hole, caressing his soft skin, and pressing his firm cock against his leg. “Do you want to touch my ass?” Dylan muses in his mind as his fingers find their mark and enter his tight hole. “Do you like my body?” he questions in his fantasy as he humps the couch.

See where this hot new meetup is heading in the full video and photo album of ALEX CHU’S EROTIC SESSIONs, Part 2.  You can see it in all its big and bouncy, full-color glory at!

Written by PeterFever


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