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Chen and Zhou make Olympic History

The Asian-American stars of the US Olympic team keep grabbing headlines! In Friday’s Winter Olympic men’s figure skating action, American Vincent Zhou landed a quadruple lutz in the short program, the first skater to do that in Olympic history. US news media hailed him as the star to watch for the next Olympics in 2022, when a few more years of competitive experience will make him a top medal contender.

Not to be outdone, PeterFever favorite and world champion Nathan Chen got over his nerves in a big way in the men’s long program.  After a disastrous short program put him out of medal contention, Chen had nothing to lose and threw caution to the winds.  The result, an almost perfect program, saw Nathan perform a record SIX quads that put him into the Olympic record books. The first five quads landed cleanly, and only the sixth, a quad flip, resulted in a hand touching the ice on landing.

Congratulations to all the US team on making us proud, and a special one to Nathan Chen for his superb comeback in a time of adversity.

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