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Top Cops 3: In Depth Exam

When new cop Blaze reports to Don for his physical, the first and only thing the horny doc needs to check is the cop’s tight rosy ass. He massages and runs a finger along the crack and dives in for a taste. Oh but then there IS that tonsil test performed by sticking a tongue down in. There’s a gag reflex check as Don fucks into Blaze’s wide open throat, and he passes that with flying colors. These muscular Asian studs are horny and uncensored in big tight closeups.

Dr. Don goes deep in examining Top Cop Blaze

Tan and built Dr. Don pins back Blaze’s legs and plows a thick cock into his hungry hole. Blaze puts a hand on Don’s thighs to push him back, then groans and pulls him in deeper. Lying on their sides, Don grabs a leg and fucks in hard. His muscle ass bobs as he pumps his dick in faster. He pulls out to squirt cum all over Blaze’s hairy pubes and uncut meat. Exam accomplished!

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Written by PeterFever

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